Friday, 6 November 2009

first off

i've started this 'cos our myspace blog is no-longer viewable with the current html set-up, and i think it's nice to have a dedicated blog to our goings-onz.

so i've got to give a back story... here's a long-arse copy and paste job of our prev. entries... [hope all this html works!]

n.b there'll be a few hyper-links lost in translation and perhaps a few error404s if you try and link to some pictures, but we'll what-up

[in reverse chronological order - most recent to the other type...]

Friday, October 02, 2009
In Due Time by J-Treole

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Myspace sampler 314 by J-Treole

Friday, August 21, 2009

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from j-treole, chip-tuners and anyone who is anyone, everywhere 500 years are still strong we @ j-treole owe alot to this album and what it's done for us and everyone is monumental this is a great take on it, i for one will buy

J-Treole - In Due Time @ Harlow Square 26-06-09 from j-treole on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
off the 'minor details' ep, the loot's remixes:

check them out here

sully's remix is kinda jazz 2-step. herbie hancock meets el-b. soon released digital and 12", l@@k our for updates.

beatroute's is on a p-funk vibe, a full re-fix complete with octave bass. no info on release date but it's sick, still

and finally, our own engineer and producer, mr. mike hall @ different productions and formally of guardians of dalliance pulls out this little number. nice...

remixes from the forthcoming ep will include backyard jungle, she said and goldenfools. look out for them too, and a possible remix album, compiling them all since day dot

all @ j-treole

p.s obv, unless you've been under a rock, by now you should know our ep wil be out aug 28th on itunes and physical copies [£3 for the latter]


Tuesday, July 14, 2009
the time is approaching when the next ep is gonna be out, it'll be on itunes store and physical copies available from the myspace

feel a blog is due. so. what we been up to? we been quiet since xmas really. had a mental 2008 to be honest. we basically wiped ourselves out, so decided to concentrate on the [well over due] EP, we knocked up the demos this time last year.
drums were done at ARU, started bass/everything else in jan then was just completed last friday... we got final tweeking to be done again, then off yto be mastered and duplicated next week

1. in due time
2. backyard jungle
3. she said
4. paralell battles
5. golden fools

i think a big thankyou needs to go out to:

mike hall [nike and harrison for putting up with the noise] @ different productions, joe, buddle and espesh aliki @ aru, the iMan himself inaki [where would we be without you man?] onewish,
smiffy @ the square stephan g [whereveer you are] simon panrucker [the sax man] alice o leary [the violin gal] ollie thurley/ithika, pete lemer, pete oneill, pete rankin [!] all old heads [daryl, owen, the o the n the i the o the n, mr andy tang, 'last night' himself: rob mac, steve, big ollie, dave ayres, roy ayres, dave from the cock, laura mac, all females/groupies] out to 2snide, dave prozak [sex tourist] and sully from harmitage shanks [safe for the remixes] sophie pringle, neal flynn and all remedies, miguel, rishi, gorden muir, the j-treole females: claire bye, sarah s and cara winter. all bonafide heads, dave clulow and waterstones lot, digital village, gash, old costa lot [holly , lauren, sophie rae, louise etc] bambooloud crew, all our families/clans, mr morestyles, chalky and melody laffy, out to keith winter for the schooling in jazz, marlyse, kieran, matt w, neil, tim, the cant family [all of you!] JACK SMASH, jojo, nev, 'chell, mike and all the SDM crew, ollie jarvis, yodet, millie, jmode [RIP] magical joe [batty chef cunt/savage henry] out to the subscribers: all the 3rd, klumzy tung, osaka girichin, hairy giraffe, poetic, miss sally, nano, sharu-ist, j'sBee, hill, j, yoshie, art espace, chika, orga, edka, fujimoto tetsuro, freedom sunset, the plot, max-beat, sooners, yaiku, ru-sel, funkee monkeez, anyone who's commented, downloaded, bought tunes from us, been to shows, helped with lifts, lent equipment, put up with noise: we love you! and this EP is for all of you [awwwe]

it's gonna be out to buy very very soon, hope everyone likes!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Category: Friends

Hear it in the following sets:



deekline and wizard - angels 'mj cole rmx' (against the grain)
paleface ft kyla - do you mind (maximum bass)
ghost - hesitation (ghost)
submerse - 2nite (dub)
sines - blu (dub)
vista - carouse (dub)
***j-treole - loot 'sully rmx' (dub)***
submerse - One More Day (dub)
forsaken - do you know (dub)
submerse - forgive me (dub)>


Zed Bias + Principal - All Night Jam 'Steve Gurley Remix' (Public Demand)
Ghost - Hesitation (Ghost)
Kayla - Do You Mind 'Duncan Powell Remix' (In-Ctrl)
Steve Gurley - Hot Boys Dub (Tempa)
Qualifide - Just Being Fooled (Hotflush)
Synkro - Just To See Her (Synk001)
Martyn - Surburbia (Applepips)
Skream - Summer Dreams (Tempa)
Synkro - You Dont Know (Smoke)
Submerse - Something Real (Dub)
Sines - Love Becomes She (Dub)
Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold (Groove Chronicles)
***J-Treole - The Loot 'Sully Remix' (Dub)***
Pangaea - Router (Hessle)
Brackles - Glazed (Berkane Sol)
Sully - Phonebox (Frijsfo)
Horsepower - The Swindell (Tempa)
Cj Regin + Proton - Go To Floor (DPR)
El-B - Two Thousand (Ghost)
Darqwan - As We Enter (SoulJah)
Brasstooth - Celebrate Life 'El-B Remix' (WEA)
Soverign - Raver Ravin (Locked On)
Submerse - Break It (Dub)
Sines - That Thing She Does 'Forsaken Remix' (Dub)
Whistla - Heaven (Ox Rider)
Caper - Hybrid (Studio Rockers)
Zed Bias + Joshua Black - Solitary Drop (Aqua Lab)
Submerse - Smitten (Dub)
D1 - Mind + Soul (Tempa)
TRG - Everything We Stand For (Cool + Deadly)
Zed Bias - Ambush Riddem (Sidestepper)
Nude - Wake Up (On Course)
Eric H - The Lights 'Search + Destroy Remix' (Hotflush)
2562 - Techno Dread (Tectonic)
Sully - Sleezy (Dub)
Ramadanman - Carla (SoulJazz)
Omni Trio - Thru The Vibe (Moving Shadow)>

sick remix, props to sully and all harmitage fam

Category: Art and Photography
RIP Willian Claxton

[mostly lifted from the Gurdian's G2 section 15th oct]


when i saw the above pic in yesterday's paper, i didn't fully understand the implications, this stunning pic of the great Chet Baker, and read the article, only to discover the great William Claxton had died aged 80.

'"He loved the camera, gave himself to it," Claxton said, and his photos made Baker the white poster boy of cool jazz: pouting in the arms of beautiful women, but always with that cowboy thing, the middle-distance look in his eyes.'


'Thelonious Monk looms into focus with the room receding and converging on him as if some lop-sided gravity is at work. As Bill Evans hunches over the keyboard there is so little to be seen - ear, hair, neck, a glimpse of spectacles - that he shouldn't be recognisable but, like the lightest touch of his fingers on the keys, these few details are enough to identify him immediately and reveal the admonition at the heart of his technique: it takes more strength to caress the keys that to pound them'


'Claxton's people are rarely crowded by the picture frame. (In the case of Ray Charles, the tight framing struggles to contain the intensely orchestrated energy of the playing.)'


'...Here is Elvin Jones. That's right, Elvin Jones, Coltrane's right- (and left!) hand man, looking as approachable as anyone in the street, as ordinary as an old sweater. That's Claxton in a nutshell: everyday greatness and a charged sense of the ordinary in the same instant.'

here are some other greats by Claxton:




and to close, the definitive quote from the article

'The transformation of suffering into beauty is a romantic commonplace but Claxton's unashamed lyricism is one of his - and Pepper's - strengths.'


Sunday, October 05, 2008

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Category: Blogging

Pay attention to the Minor Details,

Another foetus fails in her mother's womb, but it's young love that's left her cruel,

Sixteen-and-a-half already runs her own crew,

Hates girls that love boys, and she knows how to tool up,

A Joan of Arc, she's Braveheart tough,

Escaped a few scrums in her time looking for touch,

Hitting them white lines but she's never looking smug,

Still remembers the first time she was caught out then dropped,

Permanently holding dates in ink,

Where others held butterflies, just a young girls abnormal side,

Cut from her fathers side & moulded from her mothers lies,

But too cold,

Can't unlock the hate in her eyes,

Inclined to distance from all philosophical minds,

Keep talking I'll lead you to the lions den,

You're walking backwards over our giant steps,

Time expands and rewinds only lies are left,

Deft change,

You're sucking on our dying breath

Her whole life was a contradiction,

A fictional vixen who adored my spitting?

Or another sex kitten lost within the world's realms,

Brushing leaves of serrated elms,

Cut climbing,

She lacked height and was constantly frightened,

Modern day Zachieus type, holding spite,

Against all people,

Especially men! She thought they were evil,

Loved her mum, dad left when she was young,

Left strung she clung to her mum,

Bravehearted, holding her guns,

Welcomed open arms,

Fairy tales and ebony charm,

Was all need not want,

And help being distanced from harm,

I held her in my palm for a while,

But mistrust from guile, followed erasure of pessimist smiles,

Shared some views crazed on how to be more hostile,

Never thought she'd try flip that on me,

Didn't expect her to be so weak,

Never thought she'd try flip that on me,

Didn't expect her to be so weak

j-mode/miami mode/night mode/no-mode/other mode etc will be greatly missed by his friends and family, and the stortford music scene wont be the same without him. as an avid blogger, cat lover and general b-boy with a tea addiction and some next level beat juggling skills, i ask everyone to keep his youtube channel, facebook and myspace alive [links at the end]

you're gonna missed man

woi oi!

what's good?

firstly, out to anyone that reads these! leave us a comment if you do [jus to make sure my hard work aint goin to waste ;-)] happy birthday to mr essien to, who turned 22 back on the 21st...

july was busy one for us. how's everyone doing? i promised ollie i'd talk about current affairs so georgia/olympics/zanu pf/premiership season/credit crunch. few that's over

right at the end of june we had the art jam in hoxton... probably one the most enjoyable monday nights ever... some weird eclectic mix of bands [chalk, glue micro penis,people shouting down the mic will strumming bass guitars...drum machines, neon paint, hand stands and someone actually DJing off cassette tapes - out to PJ and duncan!]
thanx to marlyse and stu for these photos...
most of the night was spent in primary school fashion doodling and drawing

out to marlyse, yodet and milly, neil and sarah, the others bands, dave and promoter for letting us draw on the walls and that dude who used to be onewishe's boss at threshers...!

btw i have no idea how big these photos are gona come out, so apologies if they're takin time to load!

the very next night we played down the proud galleries with the very talented enrico. thanx to the remedy lot for comin support. btw the new proud galleries is uuber swanky [more so than the last one!] but they've lost the giant chess board :-(
unfort some of these pics are upside down and i dun kno how i flip dem! eeek!!

next we had some next gig at corss kings in king's cross... met that lovely chap derron brown and his brother... 10 bands, 5 poets and 5 djs... jus 2 stages... it actually worked! and wait for us to be back there in september with the one and only mozzy green
thanx to mr morestyles himself, sophie p, neil sarah debbie and her mate [sorry luv!] mi bro for the lift and a thoroughly nice sound man [also big up sol campbell ;-)]
in the photo above, mfon is lookin at stu whose looking at me, and i'm looking at the floor, oddness captured perfectly
haha again out to stu and his sis for the pics... alot
after all this buisness we had our radio show down in hertford... [or near enough there]
we did a wee acoustic set ['what we have' and the prev unrecorded 'she said']
if all goes well this link should work... here you can download 'what we have' [yes i still gotsta wait for 'she said']
clickity click for 'what we have' acoustic

after this, the most fun we had in ages. the secret garden party [wern't mucha secret... was packed out!] and this being j-treole's 1st festival date too...
we had to lung enough equipment across this huge field 'cos the dude wudn't let our lift through [seriously!] but went down a treat.
i'll be nice and not post up the bait photos, but they can be found on my facebook haha!



anyway, ramshackle next. didn't get a huge response to this one! out to the other band [annabelle you were lovely! and that drummer - 8 months and you were dope! also out to the dude from palladium and slav kate]
this club is the nicest we've seen in ages though, real up and coming and in a slick area of london... underground club, floor band area and bar, upstairs VIP and rooftop type conservatory... no shit!
no tones of pics from this but still...
oh and props to the soundman ;-) we'll be back there i'm sure!

essence next... and this was a lota work! sub pop sunday, sam 2snide and prozak, mozzy green us and dee dub. a night of indie, jazz, hip hop, dubstep, folk and hiphop plus some hella sick visuals from the optrix art lot. details of next one to come.
unfort stu's camera ran outa batteries half way through so yet again not many pics [spesh of us ha!]
haha upside down dave ;-|

details to follow... watch this space init

last but no ways least was 93 feet east... i still dun kno where the pics are for this... but they'll be available soon... out to joe and laura, ed cant, mfon's boys [names? sorry guys - but thanks for sticking my face on the gurl's boobs yeR!] pringle and o-neill clans, that cute french chick, the bar lady [who i *am* gona marry - hahaha!] ollie and scroobius pip, mozzy green and mr tim webster, ryan, INAKI MY MAN! [where u been ?] the gal who tried to jack mfon's sunnies, mr morestyles and ms melody laffy [safe peeps!] anyone who got dark and dangerous on the dancefloor and all the lovely people i forgot/don't know... it was all about commercial st after yer! some cute brazilian gurl flung down the bi-fun, hiphop, oldskool breaks and electro house! woop!

in other news... awaiting the arrival of the next j-treole ep... watch this space... is gonna be big

remixs still coming in, in the mean time check sam 2snide, owen beatroute and mr mike hall's...

mwah x

p.s facebook us

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
the 20th june gig at Ginglik is moving to 19th september.
please check our promoter for the night size dosen't matter!

they're sick

anyway, will be arranging local transport for locals, get on it early!


Monday, April 21, 2008

Category: Parties and Nightlife
so it's been a while since we've blogged and we're due one so...
where did we leave off?

after a lil break in febuary,march brought a sicklil' night in islington [just good music @ old queens head with a great solo artists nayfo] lovely lil venue. next we had our own night in the great and wonderful bishop's stortford

the night is called essence [expect another 3 this year... then who knows next year? u2 aint got nuthin on us... come get me bono] the night is a cross media party [visuals and music + bare alcohol] the night kicked off with the spores playing a dutty funk set with the original selecta tang playing either side of them, joined briefly by [myspace hoe] jmo for his second set [electro breaks nu rave] next up messengers showcased themselves. dave prozak threw down 45 mins of hiphop terror to prep for us then prozak and 2snide finished the night off with their harmitage shanks dubstep takeover

we tried to cram as many genres in a possible and luckily [for us!] stortford seemed to feel it. a big thanks goes out to everyone who came, jack smash for the lifts, blake for the stylus, jmo for the decks, geoff and nigel for jus being well handy, prozak and 2snide for smashing it, all the bands and DJs, tim [othergreenman] bad man sounds and ur a true gent, mike and nicky for the painstaking work on their visuals, all essence crew [mike nicky mfon me] leeroy for the youtube vid, maxwell and rosie for driving the rig, matt patchwork for supplying the rig and surprising everyone with his beatboxing! anyone else i forgot? oops no

march has been hectic too, we kicked off with remedy [love dem remedy boys... and girls!] cheers for the opp ash! super soul brother dell smashed it, kaana and the remedies were on form too [cept their drummer, he's a prick] then we had ginglik were we met the nicest bunch of people!

the most helpful soundman, generous owner, understanding irish band and a sicko DJ, [links to follow at end of blog] check us back at ginglik on the size dosn't matter night [an issue very close to my heart haha] on 20th june, if ur local fam, der b a minibus! link me on the personal anytime between now and them if u want details

next week we had kentish town, really cool night called replay live, played with some tight bands, shouts go out to johnny replay, the film crew, magda sinit [sweet stuff] and wormfood [badmen... watch this space] the next night we played back in our 2nd home watford town. heavy night haha. shouts to mr morestyles, melody, chalky, b4w [i found ya!] the graf dude, sweet laredo and anyone else!

on the 17th we had holloway rd ldn met uni su bar [long name] shouts to rishi, and todla t... hang on... he flopped. long. moving on we dun a few low key, host [charidy for peter o'neill] and emma and oliva's party [anyone who didn't go missed me in a dappa looking outfit]

next week we have barfly batte of te bands on thursday [hope to see any cambridge crew down there!] playing with cougars, keltrix and the winter kings. friday we got biggun down at the 333 in hoxton [5 mins from liverpool st station] followed by A.R.U sports ball [messy night if i remember the las one!] then sunday we back in shoreditch [details on our gig list]


remix news, owen 'beatroute' davies has completed his loot remix, and will be up in the next few days i'm told, i've heard it and it's a dance floor tear out track. dutty funk tip again. big

neway, my fingers cain so thats it for the week. blouw


mwah x


islington gig

essence soldiers

remedy fam


replay live

watford massive


easy people, jus a quickie to say was been up and whas happening soon.

¿...firstly props to everyone who repped MINDIE! @ 93 ft. east, was sick birthday for me. Thanx to neil, matt marylse +2, lauren, sophie less-rae and adam, pringle, o'neill and jamieson clan, mr morestyles and his boy chalky, mindie heads [lina, yodet and kemi] jmo danni [long u got knocked] and the jojo, mr tang, the dude from model horror for lending us his bass, ash and remedy crew, soph and neal, phijfeb and his misses, the lil girls brocking out in the front row and anyone i forgot. if you missed out you are a prick! hahaha wikid night. special thanx to my boy francis who putting me up after only knowing me for 20 minutes, also love to andy his misses and the irish guy [forgot ur name mate... sorry!] check pics from the night here

next we had a funny night in watford. again big ups to mr morestyles, the wonderfully talented melody laffy and chalky, plus anyone who gave up a good word after, and shouts to those jokers fighting in the street afterwards - you're idiots!

both nights had similar lookings sets, sumin like dis

what we have [PUSH IT!]
a night in tunisia/bricklan/watford town
funny things
backyard jungle
in due time
she said
golden fools
junk monk

the loot
impressive steps pt2

next things next

we have had some next level animation done by graphics done by my boy jack smash, check this:

it links straight to our itunes store, where our EP can be purchased at a well good rate, buy it why don't ya? that name again is mr. plow

so we have some things coming up, gigs galore plus a wee tour? who knows? me, i do...

13th march - nearly famous @ old queens head [islington acoustic business]
3rd april - remedy @ the oh! bar
26th april - ARU sports ball
5th may - MyFest

with two small tours in pipline [bristol with the rukus collective and leeds with the average height band] but unconfirmed as of yet, so dun be shouting bout nothing... so be sure to be checkin back on some regular basis for updates and developments in this department

we may be organizing a wee party in the march month with everything from bands, live p.a, dnb dubstep grime hiphop visuals party rings, clowns and chicken nuggets. but it's so top secret

one final ting, the j-treole remix CD is looking ever closer to being finisged, two so far have been done, the wonderfull sam 2 snide and mike hall [guardians of dalliance] have been done check em out

mike hall

peace and love people

mwah x


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So we have been dormant on the blogging front for a bit, so here's what's been going on.

Recently we've been gigging in and around London, with two shows at Nottinghill's prestigious Arts club, Plan B in Brixton and Cargo.

Last night though, we did our very first acoustic gig! The set ran as follows:

So What
The Loot
What we have
Funny Things [Nardis]
Backyard Jungle

followed [after my wrist nearly giving up on me!] by...

In Due Time [extended intro mix!]
She Said
Iambic Chess [the return]
Impressive Steps 1+2
Golden Fools
Junk Monk

was a lovely occasion at Stansted's one and only wine/tapas bar [flutes] I think we may be back there in the new year to do it again. Much love goes out to Lauren, Rory, Byrns, Becka, Pringle, Jamieson and O'Neill Clans... Steve plus guests, a certain someone who was not there in actuality but was in spirit [no, not God] all staff at Flutes, Faye, Lloyd, Ollie and his misses, Mrs Charhin, Bamboo Loud crew, Onion Man, Alena and Daryl [Gash mate what happened to you?] also magical Joe and misses - where were you? missed out on a once a year thing. Tut.

And special thanks to Owen who filmed loads of it on his phone, so maybe a youtube link to come?

Well done us boys anyway. All played well, encore was good too. Next time ey...


The Minor Details EP is available to buy from our myspace, via PayPal, at a very reasonable price.

More news to come...

Monday, June 11, 2007

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Category: Religion and Philosophy

Shatter the final hourglass,

Breaking down bourgeois class systems,

Fast-fading into cleft rhythms,

Head spinning,

Unknown dis'respeck'in

Gherkin disposing,

That left women,

Melanin dry,

….just thoughts of my brehs getting too high,

questioned why, 3.14 was equalling p

crazy delusions misinterpret as a j-t sign

could never be illuminati,

still hating the light,

pure dark breh,

not sure where you gonna start,

well you best start here,

broadcast in your ears,

why you checking skies for fanfares,

overcast fools claiming SAD,

hypochondriacs bombed my school last week!

I learnt to preach then speak,

Whilst you spent your years learning how to beat them freaks?!

You know what,

They're calling me the beatnik freak

My final piece will be that masterpiece,

Something to put your mind at ease,

Whilst you just groove with the beat,

Internally degrade,

My mind moves through a new phase,

never late to ponder your old ways

Transcend to another, element,

Peel my own, flesh again?!

Confused how my ribs bend in,

No corners on square boxes,

Just coroners on dark edges,

Waiting for the lawless to perish!

Mutly Dastard the bastard child,

Records every death wish,

With that dick dastardly smile,

Piles their bodies into the furnace,

But never burnt kids,

Learnt his trade from a Christian aid,

Last nobleman to return to a slave,

Unphased by copious blood,

And all them guts spilt on rugs,

Clubs were death tools,

Confused ones played with their balls,

Thinking of joining something new?

Right on cue for jumping through hoops,

I make a quantum leap,

in a decade where your snooze over hangs,


black man

in charge

of the

KK clan,

almost destroyed the master plan,

but one change could've brought the world back

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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OK OK.....

2007 has opened up with a BANG!!

So far…. a handful of live shows, photoshoots, meetings, writing new material…… and completing the EP…..

STILL, there's more to come – we are currently finalising details for the EP promo party/s…with it looking as though there will be 1 taking place at a venue in London & another at a venue in/around Bishops Stortford in Mid Spring.

We are also in the process of pressing a limited number of promo EP's – that will be available at these live shows.

As soon as we have confirmed dates & venues we will be posting them up on our myspace.

In the meantime we will be playing a set at: The Good Ship, Kilburn, NW London on Friday 9th March – more details on this will be up on our myspace soon.

so.......The first official J-Treole EP is complete (minus fine tuning). It has deftly been named the 'Minor Details EP'

....whilst the 'fine tuning' takes place, we will be rotating tracks taken from the EP on our page & all feedback is appreciated…!

The EP:

J-Treole would also like to say a big thanks to all who have contributed towards the EP:

particularly Martin Case (aka Onion Man) and Richard Warburton (nah nah - not the bread guy..! aka Womble) for their help in the production of the EP.

Check out some of their solo/group projects at: and

also, Neil Flynn for tracking the EP & recording the occasional trumpet part...

and thanks to Monsieur Stephane Grandvaux ( – for his artistic help in capturing us both live & in our natural state away from the stage..! :p

Stay peeled for the EP & Spread the word!!

Thankyou for your support,

Take Care,


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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Category: Blogging

Hey People,

We Wish you a *bright* start to the year!!

January can be a depressing month.......everyone back to work/college/uni/school, cold bitter weather, breaking 'new year resolutions' within a few days and still eating christmas leftovers.... :P

BUT!! allow us to brighten things up!

*THIS* Saturday 6th January - We're LIVE @ The Fly, New Oxford Street (Nearest Tube Station: Tottenham Court Road)

Doors Open @ 7PM - we will be on stage at 8PM

It's definately gonna be a great night - ch-ch-check the line-up:

tickets can be bought in advance from:


on Saturday the 20th January we will be LIVE @ The Live Bar, Deptford...

with our friends: Circle Line (, Onion Man ( and Tang (

The SAME line-up as the ('soon to be infamous') New Years Eve Party @ The Cock, Stansted - but with a slight twist...

more details will follow soon......


The EP WILL be coming soon.....

We are all itching for it, as there are a few suprises in store :O stay peeled!

We hope to see you in the near future!

Take Care


THEN even older than them, is *my* old yspace blog... which has some old-skool j-treole infoids

Saturday, October 20, 2007

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so anyway, i've canceled my old myspace, n i re-read all old blogs n thought; they can't be lost forever, they databass oldskool CRC, emily tingz and J-Treole fresh, so i copied them all n i'ma fuckin paste 'em weather you like it or not slagz

here goes: old shit, old sets, old gigs, old times, shout outs, chicken'n'rice, emily love, CRC bulge-area, magical joe and some ex-girlfriend lovin.


17 Jun 2006

important stuff
Current mood: accomplished

mfa record launch party

or sumin

thanx 2 everyone who came down for that gig (was a fuckin gooden too!) the rain tried to fuck shit up, but we prevailed (sp.) thanx 2 stu, tom morris (i owe u 1 4 the lift mate) marlon (shame u were hangin about so long! 3 gigs now!! woo!!) neil, tim, sarah and rachel, matt, mfon and his brother, daryl and laura, my lovely girlfriend!! ali b, david gain + lewis, guy ben pablo, the sound guys, graham @ digital village, russel for lending out the cymbals, all the other bands, anyone who picked a demo up, ben (mfon's mate) and any one else i forgot (amilie too, even tho u missed us) p.s reprsent JP

set was short and sweet, we showcased a new tune

so what
drunk monk
iambic chess (probably)
loot (new tune)
impressive steps

and another special thanx 2 tim and neil for get dark and dangerous on the dancefloor, u put michael flattley to shame.

impressive steps still in development stages, will be up soon, i promise. but in 2 parts as you can't upload something that long.

check these dudes out:

voiltron handclap: mix of hip hop, dub step, idm experimental and some crazier shit still. video game mashups, crazy french hip hop, proper dirty sub low and whatever else.

also check jahcoozie (Blip Hop, Ragga-Tech, RnB Punk, Click Pop Illectronica and Trip Intelligent Dancehall Music - as they describe themselves)


1st july - gab's mum's bday

8th july - neil's send off gig @ the cock in stansted

cheap bevy, world cup final, new songs, jtreole etc

okay and finally

j-treole are still orgainsing the 1 yeasr aniversary. bands so far on thge roster

us, educated dropout, under the streetlamp and hopefully patchwork. we'd like to get freeze in there too but i duno a venue that can hold 5 bands, find us one and we'll do it

i will keep y'all posted


p.s i did my grade 8 today. fingers crossed. blap

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27 May 2006

three colts

thanx 2 everyone that came down:

daryl, stacey, eric + fussel, john + tron, matt (bday boi - happy 20 years sonny!) neil (sweet hat) ziggy marlon and lucon (and timo too! well done mate!) mr. and mrs. onion, owen, steve, ollie, stu's parents, that lady from crosdail road, my parents, daryls parents and that dude that fancies his siter, all cousens of daryl too. the tymes, chris wood, topher, ben anthony, tom hurrel (sp.) mr. womble + cheesey!! gem summerset, shell, olivia, that dude who used to go on my bus but who's name i forgot (phil?) will s and his postman friend, all at the bar, my brother and all his mates, lauren and all at acsesroize (sp.)

of course my wonderfull band (mfon dave and stuee - you guys were sick) the P.A dude was pretty good too. thanx agen to daryl and anyone who bought a demo (piece of history there)

set list went sumin like

so what
drunk monk
in green
a little jam
iambic chess
impressive steps

i think

love goes out to everyone who turned up (even if ya turned up and missed us: it's the thought that counts!!!) and my wonderfull girlfriend!

future j-treole-

13th june at the loft (above the graduate) - mow' fulla' records launch partay (

maybe strawberyy fair (3rd june) future stage... who knows...

peterhouse college mayball (£130 a ticket!)

and some more

laters: i gota go to work

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01 May 2006

gigs and stuff

yer so we played at 'the rinse' last friday (rhodes centre bishops stortford thanx max) set order ran like this:

so what
iambic chess (poetry whatever)
impressions/giant steps
some random jam
jump monk

basicly we were suposed to play with a DJ called j-mode (doing some turntabilism, mfon b2b max etc) but he never showed so we blagged a few jams and i duno how they went down... the sound guys proper fucked up too, loadsa feedback and shitty sound, but it's all experience

shouts to all at the band obv. max, gash, stevie, chicken+rice, onion man, snakebitch, daryl (managment) ruth justin, dave's sister, anyone who supplied transport, anyone i've forgoten and my lovely g/f (emilililily) and it''s our 3 month aniversary this tuesday :):):):):)

we're next at the three colts in stansted on the 26th of may, suypporting the tymes. go there, get startled. blap

j-treole are also under new managment: the furious D 9daryle bar of circle line/jokers wild/dirty paris fame) is stepping up to the challenge of getting our asses organised... a new era in j-treole|? we hope so - watch this space heads.

got too much college work to even begin thinking about... shit

big up david gain for reading my blogs too


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30 Mar 2006

sweet f.a
Current mood: accomplished

just a short one, cos i really have nothing interesting to say!

uh... happy b-day to my brilliant g/f smem, faye (whenever it was!) tim (yer boi!) and dinosaur (you know who you are)

yer. got that out tha way. so i'm bored and am gona blog.


it's about the same as a PC atm, but i'm sure i will eb opened to the world of apple goodness soon. yer. uh j-treole tingz a gwarn: i think we have a gig at some point in london (3 support gigs organized by stuee, supporting this band buddha sugar or sumin, they're cool)

get yo ass down there, or i will blank you forever.

anyway. my and my lovley g/f are 2 months old tomorow (no she isn't 2 months old: that wud b sick) yer. t'is good. will go out for luncheon then house partay, (some dude called pete or sumin...) yer t'is good. she's great. and 18! hehe

if anyone wants to download some cool tunes, here ya go: cliffs, blue calx, rhubarb (sp.) z-tig and hexagon all by aphex twin (ambient beatless trippy sleep core) anything of pretty hate machines (not sure of album title for sure) by NIN (trent reznor bein a badman as usual (p.s thanx matt 4 the copies - g)) jose gonzalezes album (acousticy blatently argentine step - nah actually fucking buy it, he deserves this one) and anything by autecre (if you're a weird twat like me)

shit that paragarph seems long

well i'm running outa stuff to say. that dosn't mean this is ending though

does your blog do this?

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11 Mar 2006

double blog!!
Current mood: nostalgic

wa gwarn heads.

first off:


i didn't get round to blogging this as i am a lazy motherfucker and i got really drunk after the gig then fell over. we were okay. proper disorganised! my fault as i require 200 power points and didnt bring a 4 pin plug but we sorted it (big up JP for that, we'da been lost without ya)

unf. everyone fucked off when the fun loving criminals (whoever they are?) went on at the junction next door. lame. but we pulled a few more people in once they finished.

shout outs go to: every1 at nusha, JP for the power supplys, all st. ivo people (fest and guiles, faye, sineaD and the other guy) everyone at 'once forgotten'! elanor moody foir buying me shit loadsa drinks, bean carr for always turning up to the dappa gigs, guy avern for turning up, flyering then fucking off. that dude with the dreads, d-mak and maliki, and of course, tom morris (you are truley a king amoungst men, soz i missed ur bday, i was in bulge area) i havnt forgotten u ziggy marlon, thanx 4 the support, caroline and her b/f too, plus any1 else i've forgotten... OOPS!

yer so

Bulge area 2006 (CRC represent)

yer, well, night of most noteable was the first when i got really fuc king pissed (3 or 4 stellas, bottle of random shit, quad jim beam, shit loada ren wine and 2 oe 3 cocktails...) yer well i had maybe the funniest convo with my lovley girlfriend while both of us where under a table (despite being on opposite sides of europe) then i passed out and woke up in a pool of my own vomit on the floor! ahhahaha

btw sorry bout that george... i actually was unconsicouse (sp.) and wuda got up... if i cud. thanx 4 saving my life!!

yer well. skiing was okay, but resort was small. it was feckin cold for a few days too, ran outa money, fucking bulge area dosnt accept solo card too (what a wank country!?)

big ups go out to: tom, lewis, toni, erin and mr. consoli (pos. the coolest heads on the trip) jonnhy b good, that dude with the tool t-shirt who sorted me zoot, dom and zac, all box social crew (no long talkers!!) john gentleman, plougman the ski instructor, all those cute northen irish people (yer we rent ur country's ass!) PODGRICK! ludvik (chicago bulls!) and all those twats selling bells on the slopes. coco (sorry we never made it to paralax with you!) george of course (your dancefloor moves almost matched mine!) every1 at the white heart, dax, trendy techno cocktail bar, supermarket (for me longing you all out asking what all the sandwiches were in english) anyone i cut up on the slopes (after all i am a badman!) and anyone else i forgot you miserable bastards...
i got really drunk and taught everyone how to dance... what crazy things alcohol will do...

yer. i missed my lovley girlfirend SOOOOOOOOOOOO much i wanted 2 leave after 2 days, but there you go :( apparently she had a crap week too, so we were kinda matched. im not saying bulge area was shit... just not great

anyway i can't wait to see you if you're reading em. love ya! xxx

*edit* quite note to mention; tune of the trip would be definetly be 'today's special' by break, with much thanx going out to dj shnyde (chicken and rice) for that mix tape as i sessioned that while skiing.

laters cat slaters

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21 Feb 2006

just had a sketchy dream
Current mood: indescribable

okay, so it's tuesday night, and i decided to 'old man nap' as gash calls it, after myself and buddle were talking about sleep paralasys and lucid dreaming all day (sp.)

so this dream

for some reason, seb myself and tim were driving back from newport areas, and we were in tim's car (though seb was driving) i don't know what we were doing, but i remeber something about getting a present for someone, and i remeber herbz was on, cos as we enetered ugly, i joked about hearing a gabba kick, but as we drove through, across from where the village hall was was a huge militery base (area 51 stylee) areoplanes, helicopters, silos and everything

the whole place was changed, i remeber i was just about to throw the remains of a costa sandwich out the window, and we were signaled to pull over by some dude (incidently he was eating a brie grape and chicken costa sandwich) we drove past, but some dude with a megaphone signaled for us to do a u-turn in the village hall, we did so... all a little worried

initially i thought we'd been busted cos i was gona chuck the sandwich out the window, then i realised seb was driving tim's car, but we got out of the car and went into the village hall, were a few people were scattered about looking distressed.

all i could hear was a lots of people all in unison counting down from 47 and then once they reached 1 they started again. i have no idea why.

i saw this middle aged woman, looking particually distressed. i was getting vexed as we were being detained for reasons unknown to me, and i'm a cocky kinda person. we got talking and i wa sugesting the people outside were counting down from 47 then one of them died (sorta like the film logan's run ish)

she indicated for me to look around and i saw families and young pepople etc, i realised my speculation was doing nohting for morale. she said she tried to go out there, but she felt although someone was stopping her, because she wasn't ready. she said something about god.

as far as i can remeber i thought about them not letting her outside. thinking what i must take (mentally aND spiritually) to see what ever it is that was happening out there, it was weird.

the only details i've missed out were that the village hall was sort of like the post office, and there was a kiosk to my left, though this was occupied by the people who'd pulled us over and stuff... anyway this has no relevence

then i woke up cos i had a phone call.

anyway that's my dream! buddle and i discussed dream recall today, so this is my dream recall!

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20 Feb 2006

one for you em
Current mood: good

hello subscribers, em, fans of jtreole, randoms and misc

what's up. currently i am listning to dj/rupture's rmx of high resolution (check this out serously) it's on the mindsweeper suit, by the same artist. scary stuff

anyway. my lovley g/f has returned from her voyage to italy, more like a cruisade (sp.) but there you go. so glad to see her again :):):) im around this week then i have a gig next week

right gig time. if you don't go you will be inpotent forever and will get sacked from your jobs whatever you do. this excludes anyone who actually can't come or who hasn't been invited

anyway, our usual set will be in full effect (nardis, so what, blue in green, iambic 9 poetry (that 1s 4 u gem) summertime, portrait of tracy, giant steps, a little jam and any other tunes i forget about) plus 2 new ones, impressions (jonny coltraine) and 'when the world turns blue' (courtney pine rmxd by 4hero... big up!)

go there, for sure, even all those st. ives ppl promised they'd be there. we may go for all you can eat chinese first, but i have no appetite.

dj set will include fresh jazz, trad jazz, electro, rare groove, nu-jazz, abstract hip hop, destiny's child rmxs, some breakbeat, floaty bill evans, hard bop, latin (sex in the city theme tune *may* make a return) and some badly drawn boy thrown in to piss everyone off! yer!

damn this is a long blog

go away and return to your lives!

if you're still reading... STOP

for em xxxx

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09 Feb 2006

secret gig
Current mood: hopeful

thanks again to people who turned up! woo! we were okay... first few songs were good then we kinda expected to fuck off but had to play on... so we were unreheresed but okay.


got another gig coming up. 2nd march at nusha (right next door to the junction in cambridge) same rules apply, if you're intending not to go, don't say 'uh... yer i will go' then txt me on the day and say you can't, cos this is bullshit and many people did it to me.

if you genuinlly dont want go/cant come etc PLEASE JUST SAY SO! don't pretend like u can

a..nyway enough ranting. it'll be good, we're on from 9 - 12 and there's no entrance fee, also drinks are cheaper than la raza! (1.50/bottle) and selected cocktails will be reduced during happy hour.

be there! half term next week... woo! time to do work

gona miss u em!!!

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30 Jan 2006

Current mood: pleased

actuaully check this out...

my band were well rated (thanks 2 joss betts who ever you are!) thanks again to those who turned up.

today is good. got court tomorow though

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22 Jan 2006

Current mood: indescribable

thanks to those who turned up to the gigs. to those who didn't: shame on you

in times new roman instead of ariel today

will keep who ever reads this posted on new gigs. may be back at la raza very soon... awaiting a call

thankyou again to everyone that kept their promise of turning up!


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woah old skool

there's loadsa bits going on, so when theyhappen, i'll update


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