Tuesday, 8 December 2009

and again...

Been a wee bit hectic with work/xmas/furniture/university/germany/bass

But we've re-couped and we're looking fwd>> to 2010 [jeez that's right...]

Who remembers what they did mellenium? Yer...

So next year we're gonna get back on the giggin after a slightly dry 2009. We worked so hard finishing Three Point One Four and starting the next , as yet, un-named EP, that we did few gigs.

Anyway, bla, next year we're gonna get back on it, re-take East London and try get a few more uni citys under our belts.

The string recording never happned 'cos of diminished numbers, in-fact alot of recording didn't happen 'cos it was just too busy a month with Xmas.

But next year we got

Simon Panrucker - Saxes
Ollie Thurley - Guitars
Adrian from Remedy - Guitars
Andy from Remedy - Trumpet
Cara Winter - Vocals
Alice o'Leary, Anil Joshi, Nicola Hutchinson and Anna Scoot - Strings

Perhaps some more too...?

Anyway, 'nuff for now

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