Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I found this awesome selection of breaks, pre .rex'd from CyberWorm's blog:

have a happy break-beat chopping xmas!


In other news... our good friends hot donkey [http://www.soundcloud.com/hot-donkey] are looking to take their blissed out, ambient-pop cinematic wonderfulness live soon... more news on that as it breaks.

J-Treole have a youtube channel - go there to check two songs from our EP, and more to be added, plug live footage, interviews, press shizzle etc


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on the subject of youtube videos I gotta post two of my fave things this year:

^^ some awesome leftfield Danish soul [yes the Danes have soul and it's good]


some nu-jazz from Germany, wonderful video, awesome tune. They're great.

{ps - hyperlinks don't seem to be working on here? any input anyone?}

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