Tuesday, 29 December 2009


So! Happy Christmas to everybody...

Hope it was all good, and you all got full of turkey/egg nog/whatever

Hate to have first post-xmas post as a Daily Mail bashing, but this caught my eye this morning:


okay, so, some back story, in case you've been living under a rock for the last number of weeks, this guy has been convicted by Chinese government for smuggling some heroin [I can't really be arsed to go back and check the facts, but some will do] obv this raises a number of issues about drug liberalism [is that a word? spell check says sp] capital punishment and most importantly mental stability [this guy apparently blagh blah bah do the research]

However I think what I want to highlight is the journalism of this DM article...
apparently, the trendy, elitist metros where drug use is rife amoungst blah blah blah

O RLY > how many assumptions would you like to use there? so now, not only if you read the guardian are you a London ponce but anyone who either opposes capital punishment or has used drugs recreationally is at fault... thanks DM

it basically goes on to condemn this government for lax drugs laws, and not so covertly critise us for not having the death penalty for these kinds of crimes. WTF¿

It never ceases to amaze me, the generational gap between, the, supposed, sain majority of this country, and those far-right autocratic, draconian, partizan homophobes at the Daily Mail. FFS, I thought we'd all moved on here.

And using Kate Moss and Pete Dogherty to back their point? Um, excuse me sir? I didn't ask for them to represent me... [they also mention Amy Winehouse and George Michael...]

Tarring us with the same brush doesn't get anyone anywhere or make their argument stand up, it's full of holes and intellectual gaps they fill-in with hyperbole scare tactics and half-truths. what's worse, is people take this shit serously...

At least everyone knows the Sun is a joke...

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