Friday, 11 December 2009


We're on the discobelle player

Go check it out, clickidy-click-click and buy the EP

much stuff going on with expenses [3 garlic peeler? woah, that is debauchery!] but I'm too tired to moan, and it doesn't get anyone anywhere really.

Nice rant about climate change on the week last night too, interesting facts brought froward - yes, those retards in East Anglia have appeared to fiddle stats, but it doesn't change the outcome, really, does it?

Portillo said that this would keep the poor, poorer for longer... very socialist of him? But it's Anti-Capitalist, so being both anti-left and anti-right, it looks like the perfect model yeah? the third way! No more extremismZ

LOL @ Tiger Woods, some awesome puns about his 6 mistresses being his own personal 18 holes. Yer I liked that one.

Yes, and be sure to check our 'She Said' rmx by Barcelona's own T-Bird, and check our EP sampler on the Discobelle player and buy buy buy [buy low, sell high, that's our policy]

did want to rant about my day, but it got better. So meh...

News to follow on Sully release, more remixes in pipe-line, new year gigs and recording up-date. RAR!

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