Tuesday, 5 January 2010

introducing the novachord...

From 1939... come the world's first polyphonic synth... developed by Hammond... kind of like the old Hammond Wurlitzers meets a Mellatron, played by Vangelis on a warm Tuesday... or something?

That warm sound comes from 100s apon 100s of capacitors and lots of other shit I don't really understand... I came across this on the Sound on Soundpodcast [http://soundcloud.com/soundonsound/sos-podcast-020]

Hollow Sun [http://blog.hollowsun.com/] are on a mission to multi-sample this beast [which apparently was catalyst for the mellatron] in Kontakt form [EXS24 plz?]

anyway, here's a vid:

Anyway, I wont yar on, 'cos I can't do it's awesome sound justice, but check it out...

here the wiki entry:



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