Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Reportings from NAMM

To be honest - I think there was a distinct lack of big announcements to be made...

no hovercraft Moog, no laser guitars or computers than run on your own sense of self-satisfaction...

There were a few biggies, Nord, released their stage piano [which is the same size and same engine as their nord stage, why the fuck you'd bother is beyond me!] Nord Stage FTW everyday

Moog re-released their famous Taurus, with added usb jive and all that shit [but a sod to play, so I wouldn't bother!]

Ableton announced integration with Serato, released all the MAX/MSP plug-ins for live and released a new launch-pad... but nothing really really special... the serato thing let me down a wee bit... but cool none-the-less

Redmatica released an AWESOME off-line sampler... check their website for that [actually next level capabilities]

other than that, good old Electro Harmonix had a few bits, Sonnox and Waves did their usual ting, few random inventions [like fold-up piano, not rly all that good] and those people who did the fold-up hard were there...

PreSonus announced integration with SoundCloud, they now have a DAW with an export to SoundCloud function [expect Ableton and others to jump on this in-time for MusilkMesse I'd imagine]

I however, met David Smith [of Sequential Circuits] Bootsy Collins, Victor Wooten and Zachery Vex [but I guess he *has* to be there!]

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