Friday, 13 November 2009

big week

Big week in politics.

Firstly, got to slate the Sun for blatent abuse of that woman's grief, and using it as a political wepon. Perhaps report some real issues and leave that stuff alone? Oh, how hypercritical of me...

So out to Alastar Campbell for running tings on This Week, and Will Self for Duppy-ing the Baroness on QT. Also Paxman grilled Imigration Minimister blah blah shade of grey man no-one knows.

Mandelson claims there's a deal between the Tories and the S[c]um, perhaps there was between the '97 Labour Gov and them too, so perhaps more hypocrasy [spelling... sorry]

Better not get this published in the Sun otherwise I'll be a total-bastard.


Musically we're prepping for Bristol gig Fri week


there it is

More to come...


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