Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Nothing of haaauuge importance to report today - added some new pads to mr. wolf [yay!]
and the 'Taylor' [aptly named after Taylor Swift] release of SoundCloud came out today, check it:


has some swell new features, but i'll let y'all check it out

Must also plug new releases...:

Ithaca Trio [aka Ollie Thurley & Co] have an album on the horizon
here's their bits:

these guys have been making making their drone ripples in the ocean that it Ambient since... well not long now. They [he] is actually awesome though, builds his own instruments and does alot of stuff live [take note >>>any other electronic producers!]

He's also dabbled in some J-Treole live stuff, and has some enat jazz-chops.

Also from the OneWish and StereoType camp... [available on iTunes too]


They're doing Soundclash at Cambridge Fez w/ Klashnekoff, so are making moves. Liam's been there since day-fucking-one in terms of J-Treole support, he's got us some good gigs and is a top-guy, Stereotype [his producer] is one mean mother-fucker with the MPC, and all his tunes are pretty dope. So go buy it mofos.

[btw Liam if you're reading this - you're fucking impossible to find on google, cept some old youtube vids and the Cbanger blog review, no twitter/vimeo/blogspot! sort it out!]

um, that's probably it for now, i need to go to Tesco and take the rubbish out


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