Monday, 9 November 2009

today's post


Spent all of today walking round St. Thomas' looking for my g/f, 'cos I locked myself out. I only left to get milk/bin-bags and toilet roll!

Other than that, we had a r/h last night, with the addition of Mr. Onion Man himself. Got Bristol gig on the 20th [flyer to follow later] in this place owned by the Jazz Cafe, so should be nice.

Me, Stu and M all now takes fucking ages to set up! [Well, spesh me...] the set-up now is:

Roland MIDI kbd > Korg Wavestation > Kaos Pad [might swap this out as there's not a surface to lean it on!]
Novation xio-synth [main out] > Line 6 FM-4 w/ exp. pedal
Novation xio-synth [phones] > Morley Big-Foot [power amp ina-pedal] > Heil Talk-box

Kinda wanna stick my new Digitech Time-Bender in there... but no room,

pics to come

the long and the short of it is - it's fucking heavy! I need to build a new pedal-board...

Stu's got a Roland Sampler [duno the make] for one-shots, breaky-bits and percussion loops. Mfon's got the ole' MPC for Horn bits and occasional synth lines.

I'll geek it up with the camera some point, prob.

Also me and Dave re-did the bass on Skydive y/day, sounds FUCKING HEAVY

Gonna try get all the bits done before xmas. Even if Mike's not ready by then... we can chill on it.

Braps for now

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