Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sad times

At a time when Brittan watches the Chilcot enquiry to determine the legality of our invasion of Iraq... there's more beef steaming nicely across the pond. Just quickly, though, on the Chilcot thingy... what seems to be happening is people are taking sides, Campbell has actually stuck by his very controversial involvement in the war. Fair enough, least he has more balls than Jack Straw, who not only *now* says it was an illegal war, but claims he could have halted it... well done Jack! [one of my least favored Labour politicians!]

Anyway, with the death of Chemical Ali, and the enquiry essentially being led by a pack of kittens with questions I think ITVs ‘Loose Women’ could better... the end of the whole Iraq saga seems to be over. Except for the people of Iraq... After all the cameras have left, they maintain the corrupt government with dodgy agenda’s, poor economy and re-building that will take centuries. Not to mention the heart-ache for the murdered civilians.

After-all; Sadam was trying to westernize Iraq, good thing or not, not my place to say. Yes he was was responsible for a genocide of Shi'ite and Kurds... but look him up. Before the corruption was a pan-Arabic innovator. He tried to do to Iraq what was happening to Iran before the revolution of 1979, but was a bit mental along the way. [I am in NO-WAY praising Sadam Hussein]

Woah... this isn't what I came here to talk about... Anyway. So, whilst we're forgetting about Iraq, the poor old people of Yemen may have an invasion on their hands... I'm not shit-stirring, but, all this talk of Yemen's oil drying out is bullshit. We may hide under the hood of climate change, but a large sector of the less-economically-developed world [or deal-spoilers as Ed Millaband would have them known *cough* Sudan, Cuba, China etc *cough*] and America themselves [still riddled with climate change deniers] needs oil. Our climate change efforts don ‘t really come into play for generations…

And oil is still plentiful. They reckon Libya has only realized 10% of it's Oil potential... Saudi and Qatari oil will run plentiful long after you and I are dead. This Yemeni oil-drought is spin.

So, is this perhaps why Obama suddenly is interested in building a US Air-Base on the lonely island of Socotra?

Without referring to it's wiki... Socotra is a small island off the coast of Somalia [our other great friends at the moment!] and Yemen. It broke off Pangaea a long time [I don't know how long] before the rest of the countries did. And it's protected by UNESCO for it's rare wildlife. They reckon it has something like 20,000 native species, found no-where else, and has some BIZAARE trees, planets, everything. They speak a dialect similar to Arabic and there's no public-transport. Google-image it.

What else is interesting is, that Russia [The USs old old friends] are building air-bases in Syria, Libya... and Yemen. Guess where in Yemen? Socotra... This stinks of the time the US build an air-base in Poland [I think?] and the Russian's got mega-pissed off.

This is about diplomacy and control over volatile land which is oil rich. Yemen pose no real terrorist threat no-more than Luxembourg does. You can be drowned in anti-Yemini spin all you like, by ours and US government-controlled media... but didn't all this happen before the war on terror in Iraq? A war, 10 or so years later, we're now classifying as potentially illegal? We still support Israel, we still occupy Afghanistan and we still want oil. A remedy for attracting beef.

Now, I'm not saying Yemen is going to be invaded...

There's also a possibility this Air Base is a nice little niche to keep a watchful eye on the bad-boys in Somalia...

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