Monday, 1 February 2010

File sharing

I've been prompted to write something about the semi-controversial issue by a recent tweet I saw, Stephen Fry arguing against the government’s filesharing law.

What the government are trying to impose is ridiculous and does not tackle to the root of the problem. Hang on, is there a problem?

When I was young, you simply *had~* to buy CDs, there was no internet. I was there when Napster, Audio Galaxy, LimeWire, poisoned and all that lot were there... And I used them.

I downloaded live sets, rarities, dj mixes, remix, bootlegs, b-sides, acoustic version, cover versions, random songs and the lot... I didn't just rip an entire album, or albums worth, 'cos that's being tight.

Yes, I sent and received cheap shit mp3s, but at the same time, I bought 100s of CDs, I still bought vinyl, I am an iTunes store addict... I rarely file share now, only if I'm looking for something I've already paid for that I want without DRM [a bad idea btw guys!] or stuff I simply can't find.

The issue is, the record companies monopolised the price of CDs for TOO long... not only was the artists getting screwed but the consumer too... minidiscs were never going too take off... CD players were becoming a thing off the past.

So, instead of taking legal action, embrace this trend, allow free music. People like Si Begg, Radiohead and NIN have offered interesting ways of letting the consumer dictate how much they pay.

What I dislike, is how these pro-file sharing people suddenly think it's their rite of passage to steal... fuck sake guys... it may be readily available, and yer, we all do it [it's like running a red traffic light yer?] but you actually DON'T have a case for your argument...

Just 'cos everyone does it, does not make it legal, or morale. it is still stealing. Unfortunately, the only people who are against file sharing seems to be rich rock stars who've made MILLIONS [*cough* metallica *cough*] and are total spanners for kicking up a fuss.

I think most people now agree, if they file share a dong or two and like it, they'll probably go and buy it from somewhere [digital or physical...] If the argument had better representation than some twats throwing their toys out of their pram and massive corporate fat-cats, then some discourse could be done...

One thing is for sure... There's sod-all money in making music now. I hope file-sharing doesn’t cheapen the music industry forever, then it really will be big bands like U2 that suffer.

In conclusion, file sharing is bad, but technically so is wanking, but we all do it. c'mon people.

those against

a) don't fight what you can't control
b) don't criminalise stupid shit
c) think of other ways to make money
d) it hurts everyone, but the unsigned artists MORE, so put it in perspective

for those for

a) you totally have no ground to stand on
b) this is not some cultural movement
c) your policy is thin
d) fuck sake support the people you rip-off


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