Monday, 15 February 2010


It's time for a musical up-date. Today is the day that our good friends 'Hot Donkey' release their first of many EPs [we hope?] aptly named 'The Carrot EP' As my html let's me down everytime I jump on here, we're reduced to simple copy-paste jobs.

and buy their EP here:

It's got some crackers on there, and it co-written and produced by J-Treole's own Engineer, Mike Hall. In-fact these pair of donkeys [especially Daryl...] go way back in J-Treole's history, but that's a story for another day.

We're also waiting on the next Kaana Ellie EP from the Remedy camp. It's been kept well under-wraps, so no clips so far as I know... but here's their links:

I think on the radar too is music from old-school buddies Lines of Lorenzini [] and hopefully something from the ever impressive Mazoulew [].

So, some news from J-Treole...

A week or so ago, we took to part 1 of our strings recording... it was a day of much coffee and stress, but ultimatly, an amazoing step towards making our EP super-awesome-mega-wikid.

there was

Anna Scott on Cello [of Mozzy Green and Underground Rail Road, recently played with Imogen Heap]
Anil Joshi [of the Joshi Brothers]
and Nicola Hutichson [of Paddy's band, and too many others to name!]


More news to come, as it happens

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