Wednesday, 10 February 2010

swine flu over

90 million swine flu doses ordered by the Government from GlaxoSmithKline @ £6 / dose in 2009. [That’s £540 million spent on something with little research.]

5 ¼ million actually diagnosed cases in this country. There £508 ½ million worth of the drug being stored now. What a waste! On top of that, I dread to think the needless strain on the NHS who had extra training and endless meetings and consultations about this, the services created money pumped into the service created or the time wasted!

Yet again another fear mongered pandemic blow out f proportion by tabloids, QUANGO fear campaigns, the GMC and everybody else. Next time something that supposedly threatens human existence comes along, let’s take a deep breath and have a look at bird flu, SARS, foot and mouth, CJD or any of the others.

GSK are partly to blame for the extortionate rate they charged the government [and developing it in Canada!] but the real criminal is Rupert Murdoch who’s empire made us believe only Robocop armed with 200 billion vaccines could save humanity from certain extinction.

Of course the government over ordered ‘cos if it hadn’t they would have been criticized for lack of foresight or negligence. Okay, I’m being sensationalist now, which is awful, but next time, can we please just be realistic, after initial exposure this had caused only a handful of deaths in mexico [of all places!] and less than 10 over here, where our awareness is heightened and medical care better.

Every time a virus , bacteria or parasite mutates, a much stronger ones mutates with it: humans! It’s not all doom and the end is nigh type shit.

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  1. Bird flu is a serious illness that affects birds. Especially chickens, That can be spread from birds to humans and that can cause death. Recently the breaking out of bird flu has taken us aback. We could never think of such kind of problem in our country. However thanks to the Almighty that it could not break out in an epidemic form because of the timely intervention of the government and people's consciousness about the matter. The cause of bird flu in our country could not be detected. It was thought that it might have been carried and spread by the imported chickens from our neighboring countries like Thailand and China. Because the breaking out of bird flu in an epidemic form has been seen in China and Thailand. Poultry farming has had a positive effect on the social economic condition in our country. It helped many rural poor women to break the chain of poverty and see better days to their lives. But the recent breaking out of bird flu has shadowed their smiling faces into gloomy ones and clouded their foreheads. It has emptied their fertile farms and turned the firms into barren hands. We have seen the hearts. However, it is heartening that our government has taken an all out efforts to give loans to the people engaged in poultry farming on easy terms to keep their income generating industry on and to bring about better days and see the gloomy faces glowing with beatific smile and keep their heads above all consuming poverty.